MC34018DW Datasheet PDF – Voice Speakerphone IC

Part Number: MC34018DW

Function: Voice Switched Speakerphone Circuit

Package: DIP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Motorola ( Freescale )

Image and Pinouts:

MC34018DW datasheet



The MC34018DW Speakerphone intergrated circuit incorporates the neccessry amlifiers, attenuators, and control fuctions to produce a high quality hands-free speakerphone system.


1. Background noise level monitoring with long time constant

2. Wide operating dynamic range through signal compression

3. On-Chip supply and reference voltage regulation

4. Linear volume control funtion

5. Chip select pin for active / standby operation


MC34018DW Datasheet PDF Download

MC34018DW pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: MC34018, MC34018D, MC34018P

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