NJM2247BM Datasheet PDF – Video Color Superimposer

Part Number: NJM2247BM

Function: Video Color Superimposer

Package: DMP 20 Pin Type ( SO )

Manufacturer: Japan Radio Corporation


NJM2247BM datasheet



NJM2247AM, NJM2247BM is the multi-fuctional color superimposer IC for video base band ( Y, R-Y, B-Y ). The signal control at the base band, made it possible on operation with less external parts, as well as for non adjustment on operation.


1. 5V Single Power supply

2. 8 Types Color Superimposer

3. Burst Flag Insert Functio

4. Y Inversion, C Inversion Function

5. Non Operational Adjustment


NJM2247BM Datasheet PDF Download

NJM2247BM pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: NJM2247, NJM2247AM

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