MCR100-6 Datasheet PDF – 400V, 0.8A, SCR, TO-92 Type

Part Number: MCR100-6

Function: 0.8A, 400V, Sillicon Controlled Rectifier

Package: TO-92 Type

Manufacturer: Lite-On Semiconductor


MCR100-6 datasheet pdf


The MCR100-6 is 0.8A, 400V, Sensitive Gate Sillicon Controlled Rectifier.

A Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) is a type of semiconductor device that is widely used as a switch or rectifier in power control and voltage regulation circuits. It is a three-layer, four-terminal device that can control the flow of current in either direction and provide full-wave rectification in power conversion applications.

The SCR can be triggered or turned on by a small trigger current or voltage applied to its gate terminal, and it remains in the conducting state as long as the anode-to-cathode voltage is positive and the gate trigger current is maintained. The SCR can be turned off by reducing the anode-to-cathode voltage to zero or by removing the gate trigger current.


1. Sensitive Gate Allows Triggering by Microcontrollers and Other logic Circuits

2. Blocking Voltage to 400 Volts

3. On-State Current Rating of 0.8 Amperes RMS at 80°C

4. High Surge Current Capability – 10 Amperes

5. Minimum and Maximum Values of IGT, VGT and IH Specified for Ease of Design

6. Immunity to dV/dt – 20 V/us Minimum at Tj=110°C

7. Glass-Passivated Surface for Reliability and Uniformity

8. Pb-Free Package



MCR100-6 pinout scr

Absolute maximum ratings :

1. Peak Repetitive Off–State Voltage : Vdrm, Vrrm = 400 V

2. On-State RMS Current (Tc = 80°C) 180° Conduction Angles : IT(RMS) : 0.8 A

3. Peak Non-Repetitive Surge Current : Itsm = 10 A

4. Forward Peak Gate Power (Ta = 25°C) : Pgm = 0.1 W

5. Operating Junction Temperature: Tj = -40 to + 110°C

6. Storage Temperature Range : Tstg = -40 to + 110°C

Mechanical Data :

1. Case : Molded plastic
2. Weight : 0.007 ounces, 0.2 grams

Other data sheets are available within the file: MCR100

MCR100-6 Datasheet PDF Download

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