MF1 Datasheet PDF – Metal Film Resistor

Part Number: MF1

Function: Metal Film Resistor

Package: Axial Type

Manufacturer: Koa Speed Electonics


MF1 datasheet



This is General purpose metal film leaded resistor.


1. Semi-precision metal film resistors
2. The discharge path resistor is recognized by UL 1676 and c-UL (CAS-C22.2 No.1-M94).
3. Meets requirements of MIL-R-22684
4. Suitable for automatic machine insertion
5. MFS two times the power rating of the standard body type
6. Marking: Blue-gray body color with color-coded bands
7. Products with lead-free terminations meet EU RoHS and China RoHS requirements
8. AEC-Q200 Qualified: MF1/4, MFS1/4, MFS1/2

Other data sheets are available within the file: MF1/2, MF1/4, MF1/4CT52R20RJ-L, MFS1/2

MF1 Datasheet PDF Download

MF1 pdf

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