MIP0124SY PDF – 400V, Silicon MOS IC, IPD – Panasonic

Part Number: MIP0124SY

Function: 400V, IPD ( Intelligent Power Device )

Package: TO-220 Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Images:MIP0124SY datasheet


MIP0124SY is 400V, 3.1A, Intelligent Power Device. An Intelligent Power Device (IPD) is a semiconductor device that integrates various functionalities related to power management and control into a single package. IPDs are designed to simplify the design and implementation of power electronics systems, making them more efficient, compact, and reliable. These devices are commonly used in automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics applications.


1. Single chip IC with high breakdown voltage power MOS FET and CMOS control circuits

2. A pulse-by-pulse overcurrent protection circuit and a timer autorestart circuit are integrated.


MIP0124SY pdf pinout

IPDs are commonly used in automotive systems, such as engine control units (ECUs), power steering systems, and body control modules. They are also employed in industrial automation, motor control applications, and consumer electronics, where power management and efficient control are critical.


1. Switching power supply (to 60W)

2. AC adaptor

3. Battery charger


MIP0124SY PDF Datasheet

MIP0124SY pdf

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