MP1008ES Diode – 800V, 10A, Silicon Bridge Rectifier

Part Number: MP1008ES


Package: Bridge Type

Manufacturer: Dc Components

Images:MP1008ES pdf diode


MP1008ES is 800V, 10A, SINGLE-PHASE SILICON BRIDGE RECTIFIER. A bridge rectifier is an electrical circuit or a component used in power supply and rectification applications to convert alternating current (AC) voltage into direct current (DC) voltage. It is designed to rectify AC voltage by effectively changing the direction of the current flow, allowing only the positive half-cycles of the AC input waveform to appear at the output as a continuous DC voltage.

1. Rectification: The primary function of a bridge rectifier is to convert AC voltage to DC voltage. It does this by reversing the polarity of the negative half-cycles of the AC waveform, effectively “rectifying” it into a unidirectional DC waveform.

2. Diode Configuration: A bridge rectifier typically consists of four semiconductor diodes arranged in a specific configuration. These diodes form a bridge circuit that directs the flow of current in a way that rectifies the AC input.


1. Surge overload rating: 200 Amperes peak

2. Low forward voltage drop


1. Case: Molded plastic with heatsink

2. Epoxy: UL 94V-0 rate flame retardant

3. Lead: MIL-STD-202E, Method 208 guaranteed

4. Polarity: Symbols molded or marked on body

5. Mounting position: Any

6. Small size: simple installation

7. Weight: 6.1 grams […]

MP1008ES datasheet rectifier


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MP1008ES PDF Datasheet

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