MPX50 Datasheet PDF – Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

Part Number: MPX50

Function: 50 kPa Uncompensated Silicon Pressure Sensor

Package: Case 344-15, Case 344C-01

Manufacturer: Motorola => Freescale

Image and Pinouts:
MPX50 datasheet


The MPX50 silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor provides a very accurate and linear voltageoutput –  directly proportional to the applied pressure. This standard, lowcost, uncompensatedsensor permits manufacturers to design and add their own external temperaturecompensating and signal conditioning networks. Compensationtechniques aresimplified becauseof the predictability of Motorola’s single element strain gauge design.


MPX50 Datasheet sensor


1. Low Cost

2. Patented Silicon Shear Stress Strain Gauge Design

3. Ratiometric to Supply Voltage

4. Easy to Use Chip Carrier Package Options

5. 60 mV Span (Typ)

6. Differential and Gauge Options

Application Examples :

1. Air Movement Control

2. Environmental Control Systems

3. Level Indicators

4. Leak Detection

5. Medical Instrumentation

6. Industrial Controls

7. Pneumatic Control Systems

8. Robotics

Other data sheets are available within the file: MPX50D ,MPX50DP, MPX50GP, MPX50GS

MPX50 Datasheet PDF Download

MPX50 pdf