MR4030 PDF Datasheet – 900V, High-Speed IGBT

The Part Number is MR4030.

The function of this semiconductor is Partial Resonance Power Supply IC Module.

The package is ZIP 9 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Shindengen

Preview images :MR4030 pdf


The MR4030 Series IC modules incorporate a burst-mode switching function at micro-loads. These are partial resonance modules consisting of a switching device optimized for 100 V, 200 V, and auto-sensing power supply input and a control IC. The IC modules are designed to provide the following power supply characteristics:


1. High efficiency and low noise through partial resonance

2. Second-generation high-speed IGBT with 900-V resistance simplifies design for auto-sensing power supply input. (MR40XX series)

3. Burst mode helps reduce power consumption at micro-loads.

4. Onboard startup circuit eliminates the need for startup resistors.

5. Soft-drive circuit achieves low noise levels.

6. Overcurrent protection function (ton limit and primary current limit), overvoltage protection, and thermal shutdown function

7. Allow configuration of a power supply circuit with fewer external components.

8. Full-mold package facilitates insulation design.


Televisions, displays, printers, video recorders, DVD, STB, refrigerators, and other appliances; various automated business machines. […]

MR4030 pinout datasheet

MR4030 PDF Datasheet

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