MR61D Datasheet PDF – Red LED Diode LAMP

Part Number: MR61D

Function: Red LED LAMP

Package : 2 Pin Lead Type

Manufacturer: Micro Electronics

Image and Pinouts:

MR61D datasheet



This series of solid state indicators are encapsulated in rectangular epoxy pakage. They are stackable in X or Y direction.

1. MS61D is red chip with red diffuesed lens.
2. MR61D is red chip with red diffuesed lens.
3. MO61D is orange chip with orange diffuesed lens.
4. MO61DR is high efficiency red chip with red diffuesed lens.
5. MG61D is green chip with green diffuesed lens.
6. MY61D is yellow chip with yellow diffuesed lens.

Other data sheets are available within the file:M061D, M061DR


MR61D Datasheet PDF Download

MR61D pdf

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