MSX060 Datasheet – Single Area Detector ( PDF )

Part Number: MSX060

Function: SINGLE SIDED MSX SERIES: Extensive range of single area detectors.

Manufacturer: Micron


MSX060 datasheet



Totally depleted ion implanted structures.
Micron Semiconductor’s ultra low leakage currents and thin entrance window couples with fast response from total depletion with over voltage capability permits a wide range of applications for these single area detectors. For example, High Energy Physics, Fission Fragments Detection, Room
Temperature X-ray Detection, Gamma Transient Detection, Heavy Ion Physics and Nuclear Structure Physics.

MSX060  40.0 x 15.0  43.0 x 18.0  2/7/9 M/T/P  2M  4  MGR  Chip Only


MSX060 Datasheet PDF Download

Other data sheets are available within the file: MSX02, MSX03, MSX04, MSX07

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