SMP1302 Datasheet PDF – PIN Diode, Rectifier

Part Number: SMP1302

Function: Switch and Attenuator Plastic Packaged PIN Diode

Manufacturer: Alpha Industries


SMP1302 datasheet



The SMP1302 series of plastic packaged, surface mountable, low capacitance (0.3 pF) silicon PIN diodes are designed for high volume switch and attenuator applications from 10 MHz to beyond 2 GHz.These diodes are designed for use in low distortion PI and TEE attenuators with low drive current (maximum resistance at 1 mA is 10 Ω) commonly used in TV distribution and cellular base station applications.

The nominal 50 µm I region width combined with a maximum resistance of 3 Ωat 10 mA, make these diodes useful in large signal switch applications. Available as single and dual diodes in a selection of plastic packages including SOT-23, SOD-323, small footprint SC-79 and miniature SC-70. Available in a SOT-5 (SMP1302-027) package as a four diode array designed for insertion in the commonly used 4 diode PI attenuator circuit.


1. Low Distortion Design

2. Frequency Range from HF to > 2 GHz

3. Designed for Base Station and Handset Applications


SMP1302 Datasheet PDF Download

SMP1302 pdf

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