MT1610A PDF Datasheet – MODEM Transformer

Part Number: MT1610A, MT1610, MT1610B, MT1610C

Function: MODEM Transformer

Manufacturer: Sumida Corporation ( )

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MT1610A is MODEM Transformer. Modem transformers are important components used in modem circuits to couple signals and provide isolation between the line interface and the modem electronics.

Modem transformers are critical components in modems, facilitating signal coupling, isolation, and impedance matching between the line interface and modem electronics. They are vital for maintaining signal integrity, reducing noise, and ensuring reliable data communication over telephone lines or other communication channels. Different modem transformers may be optimized for specific modem applications, offering a wide frequency range and high-speed capabilities to meet the demands of modern data transmission standards.

・16.6×16.6mm Max.(L×W),10.5mm Max. (MT1610C:11.7mm Max.)Height.

・Operating frequency: 4MHz Max.


・International safety standard approved for reinforced isolation.

・Silicone Steel is used.

・Ideally used in set-top box,FAX,MODEM.

・V.92(56kbps) to V.32bis(14.4kbps).

・RoHS Compliance.

1. Dimensions 16.6 MAX. 10.50 MAX. φ0.6 (mm) 16.6 MAX. 3 4 R CN 3.5+1.0 -0.5 2 7.6 1 12.7 sumida MIT-400L Silicone

2. Land Pattern (mm) 4 3

3. Specification Part Name MIT4033L MIT2050L MIT250L MIT400L MIT4211 MIT4212 Type MT1610A MT1610B MT1610B MT1610B MT1610C MT1610C Speed V.92 V.92 V.34 V.32bis V.92 V.32 Impedance(Ω) PRI:SEC 600:420 600:560 600:560 600:600 600:560 600:560 THD@600Hz (dB) -85 -87 -84 -62 -85 -65 IL(dB) 1.90 1.55 1.55 1.80 1.50 2.00 RL(dB) 20 17 17 14 18 14 D.C.R.(Ω) PRI:SEC 82:106 70:70 70:70 70:70 67:67 67:67 Please refer to the sales offices on our website for a representative near you 1/1 […]


MT1610A PDF Datasheet

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