8205A PDF Datasheet – 20V, 6A, Dual N-Channel MOSFET

Part Number: 8205A

Function: Dual N-Channel MOSFET

Packcage : TSSOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: RZC Microelectronics

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8205A pdf datasheet


The 8205A is a dual N-channel MOS Field Effect Transistor which uses advanced trench technology to provide excellent RDS(on) , low gate charge and operation with low gate voltages. This device is suitable for use as a load switch.

1. Voltage Rating: The MOSFET has a maximum voltage rating of 20 volts (V). This means it can handle a maximum voltage of 20V in its operating conditions without the risk of damage.

2. Current Rating: The MOSFET has a maximum current rating of 6 amperes (A). This specifies the maximum continuous current that can flow through the transistor without exceeding its current handling capacity.

3. Dual N-Channel Configuration: A dual N-channel MOSFET consists of two N-channel transistors within a single package. Each N-channel transistor operates independently, providing separate control for each channel.


8205A pinout8205A pinout datasheet

Dual N-channel MOSFETs are commonly used in various applications, including power management, motor control, and high-side/low-side switching in power electronics circuits. The dual configuration allows for bidirectional control and efficient switching of current in both directions.


1. VDS =20 V

2. ID =6A

3. Low on-state resistance Fast switching
(1) RDS(on) = 45mΩ (typ.)(VGS = 4.5V, ID = 2.0A)
(2) RDS(on) = 48mΩ (typ.)(VGS = 3.85V, ID = 2.0A)
(3) RDS(on) = 60mΩ (typ.)(VGS = 2.5V, ID = 2.0A)

4. Lead free product is acquired

5. Surface Mount Package

8205A mosfet transistor


1. Battery protection

2. Load switch

3. Power management


8205A PDF Datasheet

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