MUR1220CT Datasheet PDF – 200V, Recovery Power Rectifier

Part Number: MUR1220CT

Function: Super Fast Recovery Power Rectifier

Package: TO-220AB molded plastic

Manufacturer: Unspecified

Image and Pinouts:

MUR1220CT datasheet



Designer for used the switching power supply.

Inverter, free wheeling, and polarity protection application.


1. Glass passivation chip junction.

2. Fast switching for high efficiency

3. High reliability

4. Low forwardvoltage,high current capacity



1. Automotive Environment (Inverters / Converters)

2. Plating Power Supply, Adaptor, SMPS and UPS

3. Car Audio Amplifiers and Sound Device System



MUR1220CT Datasheet PDF Download

MUR1220CT pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: MUR1220, MUR1220CTR

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