NAS1351 PDF – Socket Head Cap Screw ( Datasheet )

Part Number: NAS1351

Function: Socket Head Cap Screw

Manufacturer: AIA ( Areospace Industries Association ), NAS, GAH

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NAS1351 is  Socket Head Cap Screw. This is a specification number that follows the guidelines and standards set forth by the National Aerospace Standards (NAS). These standards are widely recognized and used in the aerospace and defense industries to ensure the quality, compatibility, and reliability of various components, including fasteners.

1. Socket Head: A socket head screw, also known as a socket cap screw, is a type of screw that has a cylindrical head with a recessed hexagonal (hex) socket in the top. This socket allows the screw to be tightened or loosened using a hex key (Allen wrench) or a socket wrench.

These screws are used in critical applications where precision, strength, and reliability are paramount, such as in the construction of aircraft, spacecraft, and military equipment.

Genuine Aircraft Hardware Co. Then to designate material add a( – ) for Alloy Steel 180KSI, or a ( C ) for Corrosion Resistant Steel (18-8) 80KSI, or an ( N ) 140-160KSI for Heat Resisting Steel per AMS5731 or 5737 (A286). After the ( – , C, or N) for material, place the Diameter Designation for your desired Shank Diameter that corresponds with your desired Thread Size. After all that but before the Length add Features if desired. After features (if any) then the Overall Features for rotational security. Length is stated in 1/16ths of an inch. The last ( H ) for Drilled Head, or designation is for plating or finish. P= Cadmium II Plating Type 2, class 2, All materials ( LE ) for self locking element any type ( LL ) for self locking element Strip Type S= Silver Flashed for ( C ) and ( N ) materials. ( LN ) for self locking element Pellet Type No Suffix = Black oxide for (Alloy Steel) and Passivated for ( C ) and ( N ) Materials Socket Head Cap Screw, 1/4-28 Threads, Alloy Steel, Holes in Head , 7/8” Overall Length, Black Oxide Coated. HELP WITH THE SELECTION OF PART NUMBERS The four numbers after “NAS” denote “Fine” or “Course” Threads Lengths may be requested that are less than “Thread Length Min”, they will just be fully threaded DataShee ( LB ) for self locking element Patch Type Example of Part Number: NAS1351-4H14 Documents in this book for REFERENCE ONLY, not intended for design. Not guaranteed for accuracy. 22 All Original Text, Tables and Drawings are Copyright © by Genuine Aircraft Hardware Co. 2005 .com […]


NAS1351 PDF Datasheet

NAS1351 pdf