NE592D14 Datasheet PDF – Video Amplifier

Part Number: NE592D14

Function: Video Amplifier

Package: SOIC 14 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


NE592D14 datasheet



The NE592, NE592D14 is a monolithic, two-stage, differential output, wideband video amplifier. It offers fixed gains of 100 and 400 without external components and adjustable gains from 400 to 0 with one external resistor. The input stage has been designed so that with the addition of a few external reactive elements between the gain select terminals, the circuit can function as a high-pass, low-pass, or band-pass filter.



• 120 MHz Unity Gain Bandwidth
• Adjustable Gains from 0 to 400
• Adjustable Pass Band
• No Frequency Compensation Required
• Wave Shaping with Minimal External Components
• MIL-STD Processing Available
• Pb−Free Packages are Available


• Floppy Disk Head Amplifier
• Video Amplifier
• Pulse Amplifier in Communications
• Magnetic Memory
• Video Recorder Systems


NE592D14 Datasheet PDF Download

NE592D14 pdf

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