WYR1C310 Datasheet PDF – Solid State Relay, WYR1C0310

Part Number: WYR1C310

Function: 30V, Solid State Relay [SSR], DC / DC Type

Package: Din Rail Module Type

Manufacturer: Woonyoung, Wyes


WYR1C310 datasheet



This is 30V, Solid State Relay. Measuring 10mm in width, this product can be installed on the DIN rail. It features good workability and a contact check lamp (LED) through which power connection on the power input unit can be verified. This small SSR can be modularized for effective use.


Other data sheets are available within the file: WYR1C505, WYR1C103, WYR1C201, WYR1C5005D4,

WYR1C0310D4, WYR1C0505D4

WYR1C310 Datasheet PDF Download

WYR1C310 pdf

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