NTE778A Pinout Datasheet – Dual Operational Amplifier – NTE

Part Number: NTE778A

Function : Integrated Circuit Dual Operational Amplifier

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: NTE Electronics

NTE778A Dual Operational Amplifier



The NTE778A (8–Lead DIP) and NTE778SM (SOIC–8 Surface Mount) are linear integrated circuits designed for use as a summing amplifier, integrator, or amplifier with operating characteristics as a function of the external feedback components.


NTE778A Pinout

NTE778A pinout datasheet


1. No Frequency Compensation Required
2. Short–Circuit Protection
3. Wide Common–Mode and Differential Voltage Ranges
4. Low Power Consumption
5. No Latch Up

NTE778A Datasheet


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