OPA1662 Datasheet PDF – Audio Operational Amplifier

Part Number: OPA1662, OPA1664

Function: Sound Plus Low-Power, Low-Noise and Distortion, Audio Op Amps

Package: SO-8, MSOP-8 Pin type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


OPA1662 datasheet



The OPA1662 (dual) and OPA1664 (quad) series of bipolar-input operational amplifiers achieve a low 3.3 nV/√Hz noise density with an ultralow distortion of 0.00006% at 1 kHz. The OPA1662 and OPA1664 series of op amps offer rail-to-rail output swing to within 600 mV with 2-kΩ load, which increases headroom and maximizes dynamic range. These devices also have a high output drive capability o ±30 mA.


• Low Noise: 3.3 nV/√Hz at 1 kHz
• Low Distortion: 0.00006% at 1 kHz
• Low Quiescent Current: 1.5 mA per Channel
• Slew Rate: 17 V/μs
• Wide Gain Bandwidth: 22 MHz (G = +1)
• Unity Gain Stable
• Rail-to-Rail Output
• Wide Supply Range: ±1.5 V to ±18 V, or +3 V to +36 V
• Dual and Quad Versions Available
• Small Package Sizes: Dual: SO-8 and MSOP-8, Quad: SO-14 and TSSOP-14

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