OPA192 Datasheet PDF – Precision Operational Amplifier

Part Number: OPA192

Function: High Voltage, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output, Precision Operational Amplifier

Package: SOIC, SOT-23, VSSOP tpe

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


OPA192 Operational Amplifier


The OPA192 family (OPA192, OPA2192, and OPA4192) is a new generation of 36-V, e-trim
operational amplifiers. These devices offer outstanding dc precision and ac performance,
including rail-to-rail input/output, low offset (±5 µV, typ), low offset drift (±0.2 µV/°C, typ), and 10MHz

Unique features such as differential input-voltage range to the supply rail, high output current and high capacitive load drive of up to 1 nF, and high slew rate make the OPA192 a robust, high-performance operational amplifier for high-voltage industrial applications. The OPA192 family of op amps is available in standard packages and is specified from –40°C to +125°C.


OPA192 datasheet


1. Low Offset Voltage: ±5 μV
2. Low Offset Voltage Drift: ±0.2 μV/°C
3. Low Noise: 5.5 nV/√Hz at 1 kHz
4. High Common-Mode Rejection: 140 dB


1. Multiplexed Data-Acquisition Systems
2. Test and Measurement Equipment
3. High-Resolution ADC Driver Amplifiers
4. SAR ADC Reference Buffers
5. Programmable Logic Controllers
6. High-Side and Low-Side Current Sensing
7. High Precision Comparator

Official Homepage: https://www.ti.com/product/OPA192

Other data sheets are available within the file: OPA192ID, OPA192IDBVR OPA192IDBVT, OPA192IDGKROPA192

OPA192 Datasheet PDF Download

OPA192 pdf

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