OPB742 Datasheet PDF – Reflective Object Sensor – Optek

Part Number: OPB742

Function : Reflective Object Sensor

Package: 4 Pin Type

Manufacturer: OPTEK Technology



This is 890nm, Reflective Object Sensor.

Each reflective object sensor in the OPB708, OPB709, OPB740, OPB742 through OPB746 and OPB740WZ through OPB746WZ series consists of an infrared emitting diode and a NPN silicon phototransistor or a photodarlington. The OPB747WZ and OPB748WZ consist of a Red visible LED and a low light level rejection (RBE) NPN silicon phototransistor. The Red LED allows better contrast ratio when detecting Black marks on a White surface. All these devices are mounted side-by-side on converging optical axes in a black plastic housing focusing on a small area and depth of field.

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1. Focused for maximum sensitivity
2. Phototransistor or photodarlington output
3. Crosstalk does not exceed specified ICEO
4. 24” (610 mm) wire length
5. 26 AWG wire size





1. Non-contact reflective object sensor
2. Assembly line automation
3. Machine automation
4. Machine safety
5. End of travel sensor
6. Door sensor
7. Thermal Paper Mark

OPB742 Datasheet PDF


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