TSA1001 Datasheet PDF – 10-bit, 35mW, A/D Converter

Part Number: TSA1001

Function: 10-BIT, 25MSPS, 35mW, A/D Converter

Package: TQFP48 Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


TSA1001 datasheet


The TSA1001 is a 10-bit, 25Msps sampling frequency Analog to Digital converter using a CMOS technology combining high performances and very low power consumption. The TSA1001 is based on a pipeline structure and digital error correction to provide excellent static linearity and achieve 9.7 effective bits at Fs=25Msps, and Fin=5MHz. Especially designed for portable applications, the TSA1001 only dissipates 35mW at 25Msps. When running at lower sampling frequencies, even lower consumption can be achieved.


1. 10-bit A/D converter in deep submicron CMOS technology

2. Ultra low power consumption: 35mW @ 25Msps (10mW @ 5Msps)

3. Single supply voltage : 2.5V

4. Input range : 2Vpp differential

5. 25Msps sampling frequency

Absolute maximum ratings



1. Portable instrumentation

2. Video processing

3. Medical imaging and ultrasound

4. High resolution fax and scanners

5. Digital communications

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