OV4689 Datasheet – 4-Megapixel Camera Chip Sensor

Part Number: OV4689

Function: High frame rate HD security camera solution

Manufacturer: OmniVision ( www.ovt.com )


OV4689 camerachip sensor


The OV4689 is a high performance 4-megapixel CameraChip sensor in a native 16:9 format designed for next-generation surveillance and security systems. The sensor utilizes an advanced 2-micron OmniBSI-2™ pixel to provide best-in-class low-light sensitivity and high dynamic range (HDR).

The 1/3-inch OV4689 can capture full-resolution 4-megapixel high definition (HD) video at 90 frames per second (fps), 1080p HD at 120 fps, and binned 720p HD at 180 fps. The sensor’s high frame rates enable crisp, clean image and video capture of fast moving objects.

The 0V4689 provides timing to capture full-resolution HDR using frame-based “sequential HDR” or line-based “staggered HDR”, and quarter resolution HDR using “alternate row HDR”. The benefits of using “staggered HDR” compared to “sequential HDR” are significant reduction in motion artifacts and lower memory requirement for host processing. These modes produce high quality full-resolution 4-megapixel HDR video under extreme variations of bright and dark conditions, ensuring high contrast and excellent scene reproduction.

The device features a high-speed 4-lane MIPI serial output interface to facilitate the required high data transfer rate. The OV4689 is available in a chip scale package (CSP).

Function Block Diagram :

OV4689 datasheet block diagram

Official Homepage: http://www.ovt.com/products/sensor.php?id=136


OV4689 Datasheet


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