OY121KE Datasheet PDF – 120 Ohm, 2W, Ceramic Resistor

Part Number: OY121KE, OX/OY Series

Function: 120 Ohms 2W, Ceramic Resistor, 10% Tolerance

Package: Axial Type

Manufacturer: Ohmite Mfg. Co.


OY121KE datasheet



The OX/OY Series of fixed ceramic resistors are ideal for circuitry associated with surges high peak power or high energy. They offer enhanced performance in high voltage power supplies, R-C snubber circuits, and inrush limiters.

The OX/OY resistors can often replace carbon composition resistors which can be difficult to source.



1. Replaces 1 and 2 watt carbon composition resistors

2. Meets high energy density demands

3. High peak power

4. 10% Tolerance



1. Terminals : Pb-free solder-coated axial

2. Coating : Silicone ceramic

3. Derating : Linear from 100% @ +70°C to 0% @ +200°C

4. Operating Temp. Range : -40°C to +220°C

5. Tolerance ±10% standard


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OY121KE Datasheet PDF Download

OY121KE pdf

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