P4SMAJ85CA Datasheet PDF – 400W, 85V, TVS Diode

Part Number: P4SMAJ85CA, Marking Code : WV

Function: 400W, Surface Mount Transient Voltage Suppressor

Package: DO-214AC



P4SMAJ85CA datasheet pdf


This is 400W, 85V, TVS, Diode, rectifier.


1. Glass Passivated Die Construction
2. 400W Peak Pulse Power Dissipation
3. 5.0V – 440V Standoff Voltage
4. Uni- and Bi-Directional Versions Available
5. Excellent Clamping Voltage
6. Typical Response Time < 1nS
7.Plastic Case Material has UL )

Mechanical Data

1. Case: SMA/DO-214AC, Molded Plastic
2. Terminals: Solder Plated, Solderable per MIL-STD-750, Method 2026
3. Polarity: Cathode Band Except Bi-Directional
4. Marking: Device Code
5. Weight: 0.064 grams (approx.)

Other data sheets are available within the file: P4SMAJ10, P4SMAJ100, P4SMAJ100A, P4SMAJ100C, P4SMAJ100CA

P4SMAJ85CA Datasheet PDF Download

P4SMAJ85CA pdf