PF7903BS Datasheet PDF – Single Channel WLED Driver

Part Number: PF7903BS

Function : Single Channel WLED Driver with PWM Dimming Control

Package : SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Powerforest


PF7903BS datasheet led driver


As the direct-type WLED backlight (DLED) becomes the trend for low cost TV, the PF7903BS driver IC is targeted for such applications. PF7903B is a wide input voltage range, single channel, boost WLED controller which can be operated from 9V to 27V. By using PF7903B, the low total BOM cost WLED driver can be achieved easily. PF7903B integrated the current mode PWM controller with a boost
MOSFET driver, over current protection, over temperature protection, over output voltage protection,
and input over voltage protection in a SOP-8 package to minimize the PCB size as well as the component counts.


PF7903BS pinout


1. Wide Input Range : 9V to 27V

2. Current Mode Control

3. 240mV Feedback Reference

4. Short LED-String Protection

5. Open LED Protection

6. Input Over Voltage Protection

7. PWM Dimming Input

8. 180KHz Switching Frequency


1. LED Backlight

Other data sheets are available within the file: PF7903, PF7903B

PF7903BS Datasheet

PF7903BS pdf


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