PMLL5225B Datasheet PDF – 3.0V, Voltage Regulator Diode

Part Number: PMLL5225B, PMLL5226B Thru PMLL5267B

Function: Voltage Regulator Diode

Package: SOD80C SMD Type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( )


PMLL5225B datasheet



Low-power voltage regulator diodes in small hermetically sealed glass SOD80C SMD packages. The series consists of 43 types with nominal working voltages from 3.0 to 75 V.



1. Total power dissipation : max. 500 mW
2. Tolerance series : ±5%
3. Working voltage range : nom. 3.0 to 75 V
4. Non-repetitive peak reverse power dissipation: max. 40 W.



1. Low-power voltage stabilizers or voltage references


Other data sheets are available within the file: PMLL5226B, PMLL5227B, PMLL5228B, PMLL5229B, PMLL5267B

PMLL5225B Datasheet PDF Download

PMLL5225B pdf

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