PS2501 Datasheet PDF – NPN Silicon Phototransistor – NEC

Part Number: PS2501

Function : NPN Silicon Phototransistor, Photocoupler

Package: DIP 4, 8, 16 Pin type

Manufacturer: NEC


PS2501 photocoupler


The PS2501, -1, -2, -4 are optically coupled isolators containing a GaAs light emitting diode and an NPN silicon phototransistor. The devices are in a plastic DIP (Dual In-line Package) and the PS2501L-1, -2, -4 are lead bending type (Gull-wing) for surface mount.

A photocoupler, also known as an optocoupler or an optical isolator, is an electronic component that provides electrical isolation between two circuits while allowing them to communicate with each other optically. It typically consists of an LED and a photodetector, such as a photodiode or a phototransistor, housed in a single package. The LED transmits an optical signal to the photodetector, which converts it into an electrical signal that can be used to trigger or switch another circuit.

The isolation provided by a photocoupler makes it useful for applications that require electrical isolation for safety reasons, such as medical equipment or industrial control systems. It also helps to reduce noise and interference in sensitive analog circuits, and can protect sensitive microcontrollers and other digital circuits from high voltage transients.


PS2501 datasheet pinout


1. High isolation voltage (BV = 5 000 Vr.m.s.)

2. High collector to emitter voltage (VCEO = 80 V)

3. High-speed switching (tr = 3 ms TYP., tf = 5 ms TYP.)

4. Ordering number of tape product: PS2501L-1-E3, E4, F3, F4, PS2501L-2-E3, E4

5. Safety standards

6. UL approved: File No. E72422 (S)


1. Power supply

2. Telephone/FAX.

3. FA/OA equipment

4. Programmable logic controller


PS2501 Datasheet PDF


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