MCT2 Phototransistor – 6 Pin, Optocoupler – Fairchild

What is MCT2?

This is a type of optocoupler, also known as an optoisolator. It consists of an LED and a phototransistor in a single package, and is used to transfer electrical signals between two isolated circuits.

Function: Optocoupler, Phototransistor

Package: DIP 6 Pin

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor


MCT2 datasheet


The MCT2 series optoisolators consist of a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode driving a silicon phototransistor in a 6-pin dual in-line package. The LED and phototransistor are physically separated by a small gap, allowing the optocoupler to provide electrical isolation and protection against voltage transients and surges.


1. Maximum collector-emitter voltage of 30 volts

2. Maximum collector current of 50 mA

3. Fast switching speed

4. Low power consumption

5. RoHS compliant




1. Power supply regulators

2. Digital logic inputs

3. Microprocessor inputs

4. Switching power supplies

5. Industrial control systems



MCT2 is that it provides electrical isolation between the input and output circuits, which can help to prevent ground loops and improve overall system reliability.

This optocoupler is a versatile and reliable component that can provide electrical isolation and signal transfer in a variety of different applications.



Reference Site:

Other data sheets are available within the file: MCT2-M, MCT210, MCT2200, MCT2201


MCT2 Datasheet PDF Download

MCT2 pdf


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JC817 Datasheet PDF – Phototransistor – 4Pin DIP – Y.LIN

Part Number : JC817


Package: DIP 4 Pin Type





The JC817 series of devices each consist of an infrared emitting diodes, optically coupled to a phototransistor detector. They are packaged in a 4-pin DIP package and available
in wide-lead spacing and SMD option.

A phototransistor is a type of transistor that is sensitive to light and is used as a light-sensitive switch. It is composed of a photosensitive material, such as a photodiode or a photogate, which is surrounded by a transistor that amplifies the electrical signal generated by the photosensitive material. The phototransistor can be used to detect light levels and changes in light intensity, making it a useful component in a wide range of applications, including optical communications, light detection and ranging (LIDAR), and optical touchscreens. Phototransistors are also commonly used in cameras, where they are used to detect light levels and adjust the camera’s exposure settings accordingly.


JC817 Pinout


• Current transfer ratio (CTR: 50~600% at IF=5mA, VCE=5V)

• High isolation voltage between input and output   (Viso=5000 V rms )

• Creepage distance >7.62 mm

• Operating temperature up to +110°C

• Compact small outline package

• Pb free and RoHS compliant.

JC817 Datasheet


1. Programmable controllers

2. System appliances, measuring instruments

3. Telecommunication equipments

4. Home appliances, such as fan heaters

JC817 Datasheet PDF


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