PT2348 Datasheet PDF – 4.1-Channel Audio Processor

Part Number: PT2348

Function: 4.1-Channel Audio Processor with Subwoofer

Package: 36-pin SSOP package

Manufacturer: Princeton Technology Corporation (PTC)


PT2348 datasheet


The PT2348 is a 4.1CH audio processor designed for Car Audio purpose. Using I2C interface controls all of the functions. Like most of audio processors, it equips up to 4 stereo sources input with adjustable gain, master volume with adaptive loudness, treble and bass tone control. In a car entertainment system where needs front and rear seat individual control, the PT2348 provides separate input source selection and output volume adjustment; a special design, mixing amp, is very easy to combine the navigation system or cellular phone’s voice with the car audio system.



PT2348 pinout


1. Controlled by I2C Interface

2. 4 Stereo Inputs (including 1 quasi-differential input) with selectable input gain

3. 2 Channels Electronic Volume: +15 to -79dB with 1dB/step

4. 1 Subwoofer Output: +15 to -79dB with 1dB/step

5. Adjustable crossover frequency for Subwoofer

6. Tone Control (Bass and Treble): -15 to +15dB, 1dB/step

7. Input Gain Control: 0 to +15dB, 1dB/step

8. Loudness: 0 to -15dB, 1dB/step



1. Car Audio

Other data sheets are available within the file: PT2348-X

PT2348 Datasheet PDF

PT2348 pdf