PT2395 Datasheet PDF – CMOS-processed Digital Echo IC

Part Number: PT2395

Function: Enhanced Digital Echo IC

Package: DIP 40 Pin type

Manufacturer: Princeton Technology

PT2395 datasheet


The PT2395 is a silicon gate CMOS-processed digital echo IC functionally compatible with M50195P.

Input signal to device is converted to digital signal with A-D conversion then stored in the memory(DRAM) chip. After a certain delay time, digital signal is read out from the memory chip and then converted back into analog signal using the D-A conversion.

Block Diagram :



1. CMOS Technology

2. Low Noise, Low Distortion Echo System

3. 3-Level Delay Time Selectable, with Indicator Output

Other data sheets are available within the file: PT-2395

PT2395 Datasheet PDF Download

PT2395 pdf

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