R5F21257SNFP Datasheet PDF – 16-BIT CMOS MCU

Part Number: R5F21257SNFP

Function: SINGLE-CHIP 16-BIT CMOS MCU / R8C/24 Group, R8C/25 Group

Package: LQPF 52 Pin Type, 64-pin molded-plastic FLGA

Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics


R5F21257SNFP datasheet



These MCUs are fabricated using a high-performance silicon gate CMOS process, embedding the R8C/Tiny Series CPU core, and are packaged in a 52-pin molded-plastic LQFP or a 64-pin molded-plastic FLGA.

It implements sophisticated instructions for a high level of instruction efficiency. With 1 Mbyte of address space, they are capable of executing instructionsat high speed.

Furthermore, the R8C/25 Group has on-chip data flash (1 KB x 2 blocks). The difference between the R8C/24 Group and R8C/25 Group is only the presence or absence of data flash. Their peripheral functions are the same.



1. Electronic household appliances, office equipment, audio equipment, consumer products, etc.

R5F21257SNFP Datasheet PDF Download

R5F21257SNFP pdf

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