RA253 Datasheet PDF – 25A, 200V – Silicon Rectifier – MCC

Part Number: RA253

Function: 25A, 200 V, Diode, Silicon Rectifier

Package: Disk type

Manufacturer: Micro Commercial Components



This is 25A, 200 Volts, High Current Plastic Silicon Rectifier.


1. Plastic Material Used Carriers Underwrites Laboratory Classification 94V-O

2. Low Cost Construction Utilizing Void-free Molded Plastic Technique

3. High SurgeCapability

4. Diffused Junction


Maximum Ratings :

1. Operating & Storage Temperature: -50 °C to +175 °C

2. For Capacitive Load, Derate Current by 20%


RA253 Datasheet PDF

RA253 Datasheet


1. Programmable controllers

2. System appliances,measuring instruments

3. Telecommunication equipments

Other data sheets are available within the file: RA251, RA252, RA254, RA255, RA256, RA257


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