RE1080 Datasheet PDF – Contact Strips, Self-Adhesive

Part Number: RE1080

Function: Contact Strips, Self-Adhesive, Epoxy Glass Composite

Size : 0.8mm, 90mm x 100mm Type

Manufacturer: Roth Elektronik GmbH ( )


RE1080 datasheet



This is 12 contact rails, self-adhesive, 0.40 mm pitch.


1. Epoxy fibre-glass FR4 0.80 mm
2. Single-sided 35 µm Cu
3. Without holes
4. Surface chem. Ni/Au
5. 12 self-adhesive strips in pitch 0. 40 mm
6. Pre-scratched rated break point for the separation of individual modules from the board

Official Homepage: Roth Elektronik (

Other data sheets are available within the file: RE-1080


RE1080 Datasheet PDF Download

RE1080 pdf

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