RE200B Datasheet PDF – Passive Infrared Sensor – Nippon

Part Number: RE200B

Function : Pyroelectric Passive Infrared Sensor

Package: TO-5 Metal Can Type

Manufacturer: Nippon Ceramic




The RE200B is a passive infrared sensor designed to pick up heat radiation of wave lengths in a band around 10 microns. It contains two active elements configured as balanced differential series opposed type. This results in good compensation of environmental temperature and excellent sensitivity for small changes of a spatial temperature pattern. Thermal signals far below one microwatt are sufficient to trigger a sufficient output voltage change.







If the active elements of the PIR sensor are exposed to a change in the surrounding temperature field, electrical charges are separated within the sensor elements. The voltage across the sensors controls a J-FET source follower impedance converter and thus modulates the output current of the PIR detector. The spectral sensitivity of the sensor is controlled by the optical transfer characteristics of the window in the case and has been optimized to pick up radiation of the human body.



1. alarm systems

2. consumer electronics

3. human body detection

4. automatic switches


Reference Site

1. RE200-B PIR Component

2. PIR Sensor RE200-B Arduino


RE200B Datasheet PDF


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