RF-300EA-1D390 PDF – Metal-Brush DC Motor – Mabuchi

Part Number: RF-300EA-1D390

Function: DC Motor ( Precious metal-brush motor )

Package: Module type

Manufacturer: MABUCHI MOTOR

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RF-300EA-1D390 is Precious metal-brush motor.

A metal-brush motor, also known as a brushed DC motor or simply a DC motor, is a type of electric motor that uses brushes made of metal (typically carbon or copper) to conduct electrical current between the stationary part of the motor (the stator) and the rotating part (the rotor). These motors are widely used in various applications where precise and continuous rotational motion is required.

1. Brushes: Metal-brush motors use brushes (often made of carbon or copper-graphite composites) to maintain electrical contact with the commutator, a split-ring device mounted on the rotor. These brushes transfer electrical current to the rotor windings, allowing the motor to rotate.

2. Commutator and Rotor: The commutator is a critical component that reverses the direction of the current flowing through the rotor windings as the rotor turns. This reversal ensures continuous rotation of the rotor. The rotor may have permanent magnets or wound coils, depending on the motor type.

3. Directional Control: By controlling the polarity and timing of the electrical current applied to the brushes, the direction of rotation of the motor can be easily controlled. Reversing the current direction reverses the motor’s rotation.


Typical Applications:

1. Office Automation Equipment : CD/DVD-ROM Drive

2. Audio and Visual Equipment : Car CD Player / DVD Player


RF-300EA-1D390 PDF Datasheet