MA8920 PDF – 900V, 5A, Switching Power Supply IC

This post explains for the Power Supply IC.

The Part Number is MA8920. The package is ZIP-7 pin type.

The function of this semiconductor is 900V, Switching Power Supply IC.

Manufacturer: Shindengen


MA8920 datasheet


The MA8920 is 900V, 5A, Switching Power Supply IC. Switching power supply ICs are used to efficiently convert electrical power from one voltage level to another using high-frequency switching techniques. They incorporate control circuitry to regulate the output voltage or current based on feedback and control signals.

Switching power supply ICs with a 900V, 5A rating are typically employed in applications such as industrial power supplies, motor drives, solar inverters, electric vehicle charging stations, and other high-power applications where high voltage and moderate current levels are required.

The MA8000 series is a power supply IC module that contributes to energy saving during standby. This product incorporates a control circuit and a main switch element, and can configure a partial resonance RCC converter with a small number of external components. High efficiency, low noise standby low power consumption can be realized by the conventional power supply design method.

MA8920 pinout pdf


1. Power consumption is very low at micro loads. (Load power 50mW, input voltage AC 100V, input power 0.5W or less.)

2. High efficiency over a wide range of loads. (Efficiency 80% or more at rated load.)

3. Feedback noise is very small. (Vcci-class B compliant.)

4. The oscillation operation is stable even with a minute load.

5. With soft start function.

6. The number of electrical parts is small and the circuit configuration is simple.

7. As IC modules can be selected according to the input / output specifications, design method can be unified and design time can be shortened.

8. Adoption of a full mold package is advantageous for insulation design.

9. All-round input design is also possible.    […]

Other data sheets are available within the file: MA8910, MA8620, MA8630

MA8920 PDF Datasheet

MA8920 pdf

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