RSN309W44 Datasheet PDF – Audio Power Amplifier Module

Part Number: RSN309W44

Function: Audio Power Amplifier Module

Package: SIP 26 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation

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RSN309W44 datasheet


The RSN309W44 is Audio Power Amplifier Module IC.

An “Audio Power Module” refers to a compact module that integrates a power amplifier and various audio processing components in a single package. The purpose of an audio power module is to simplify the design and reduce the size of audio amplification systems. It typically includes an audio amplifier, power supply regulators, protection circuits, and sometimes additional audio processing functions such as tone control, volume control, equalization, and filtering.

This module is used in a wide range of applications, including home theater systems, portable speakers, car audio systems, professional sound reinforcement systems, and musical instrument amplifiers. They can provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for audio amplification, and allow designers to focus on other aspects of the system design without having to worry about the power amplification and audio processing stages.


RSN309W44A pinout

1. SOL
2. SOR
3. +Vcc Hi
4. -Vcc Hi
5. L out
6. +Vcc Low
7. -Vcc Low
8. R out
9. AC IN
10. GND
11. -COUT
12. +COUT
14. IH DET
15. +D1 SENS
16. -D1 SENS
17. Relay
18. +CIN
19. -CIN
20. +VD
21. -VD
22. RIN
23. LIN
24. IN GND
25. SIR
26. SIL

RSN309W44B pinout


Block Diagram



Other data sheets are available within the file: RSN-309W44, RSN309W44A, RSN309W44B

RSN309W44 Datasheet PDF Download

RSN309W44 pdf

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