S30SC4M PDF – Schottky Rectifier (SBD) (40V 30A)

This post describes for the Rectifier.

The Part Number is S30SC4M.

The function of this semiconductor is 40V, 30A, Schottky Rectifiers (SBD).

The package is MTO-3P Type

The manufacturer of this part is Shindengen Electric Mfg.Co.Ltd.

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.

S30SC4M pinout datasheet


The S30SC4M is Schottky Rectifier (SBD). A Schottky rectifier is a type of diode that is used for rectification purposes in electronic circuits.

It is characterized by a low forward voltage drop and fast switching speed, making it useful in high-frequency applications. Unlike traditional diodes, which use p-n junctions to conduct current, Schottky diodes use a metal-semiconductor junction, which results in the low forward voltage drop and fast switching speed.


1. Tj150℃
2. PRRSM avalanche guaranteed
3. Small θ jc
4. High current capacity


1. Switching power supply
2. DC/DC converter
3. Home Appliances, Office Equipment
4. Telecommunication

Absolute Maximum Ratings (If not specified Tc=25℃)

1. Storage Temperature Tstg -40~150 ℃
2. Operating Junction Temperature Tj 150 ℃
3. Maximum Reverse Voltage VRM 40 V
4. Repetitive Peak Surge Reverse Voltage VRRSM Pulse width 0.5ms, duty 1/40 45 V
5. Average Rectified Forward Current IO 50Hz sine wave, R-load, Rating for each diode Io/2, Tc=126℃ 30 A
6. Peak Surge Forward Current IFSM 50Hz sine wave, Non-repetitive 1 cycle peak value, Tj=125℃ 300 A
7. Repetitive Peak Surge Reverse Power PRRSM Pulse width 10μs, Rating of per diode, Tj=25℃ 1000 W
8. Mounting Torque TOR (Recommended torque:0.5N・m) 0.8 N・m


2 page
S30SC4M rectifier diode

S30SC4M PDF Datasheet


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