S3F9488XZZ-QZ88 PDF – 8-bit Microcontroller – S3F9488

Part Number: S3F9488XZZ-QZ88, 3F9488, S3F9488

Function: 8-bit, Microcontroller

Package: QFP 44 Pin Type, DIP 42 Pin type, SOP, DIP 32 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Samsung semiconductor


S3F9488XZZ-QZ88 datasheet


21-S3-C9484/C9488/F9488-092003 USER’S MANUAL S3C9484/C9488/F9488 8-bit CMOS Microcontroller Revision 1 S3C9484/C9488/F9488 PRODUCT OVERVIEW 1 PRODUCT OVERVIEW S3C9-SERIES MICROCONTROLLERS Samsung’s SAM88RCRI family of 8-bit single-chip CMOS microcontrollers offers a fast and efficient CPU, a wide range of integrated peripherals, and various mask-programmable ROM sizes. A address/data bus architecture and a large number of bit-configurable I/O ports provide a flexible programming environment for applications with varied memory and I/O requirements. Timer/counters with selectable operating modes are included to support real-time operations. S3C9484/C9488/F9488 MICROCONTROLLER The S3C9484/C9488/F9488 single-chip CMOS microcontrollers are fabricated using the highly advanced CMOS process technology based on Samsung’s latest CPU architecture. The S3C9484 is a microcontroller with a 4K-byte mask-programmable ROM embedded. The S3C9488 is a microcontroller with a 8K-byte mask-programmable ROM embedded. The S3F9488 is a microcontroller with a 8K-byte multi time programmable ROM embedded. Using a proven modular design approach, Samsung engineers have successfully developed the S3C9484/C9488/F9488 by integrating the following peripheral modules with the powerful SAM88 RCRI core: — Five configurable I/O ports (38 pins) with 8-pin LED direct drive and LCD display — Ten interrupt sources with one vector and one interrupt level — One watchdog timer function with two source clock (Basic Timer overflow and internal RC oscillator) — One 8-bit basic timer for oscillation stabilization — Watch timer for real time clock — Two 8-bit timer/counter with time interval, PWM, and Capture mode — Analog to digital converter with 9 input channels and 10-bit resolution — One asynchronous UART The S3C9484/C9488/F9488 microcontroller is ideal for use in a wide range of home applications requiring simple timer/counter, ADC, LED or LCD display with ADC application, etc. They are currently available in 32-pin SOP/SDIP, 42-pin SDIP and 44-pin QFP package. MTP The S3F9488 has on-chip 8-Kbyte multi time programmable (MTP) ROM instead of masked ROM. The S3F9488 is fully compatible to the S3C9488, in function, in D.C. electrical characteristics and in pin configuration. 1-1 PRODUCT OVERVIEW S3C9484/C9488/F9488 Features CPU • LCD Controller/Driver (Optional) • SAM88RCRI CPU core Memory • 8 COM × 19 SEG (MAX 19 digit) 4 COM × 19 SEG (MAX 8 digit) 208-byte general purpose register (RAM) 4/8-Kbyte internal mask program memory 8-Kbyte internal multi time program memory (S3F9488) A/D Converter • • • • Nine analog input channels 12.5us conversion speed at 4MHz fADC clock. Asynchronous UART • • Oscillation Sources • • Crystal, Ceramic, RC CPU clock divider (1/1, 1/2, 1/8, 1/16) Programmable baud rate generator Support serial data transmit/receive operations with 8-bit, […]


S3F9488XZZ-QZ88 Datasheet

S3F9488XZZ-QZ88 pdf