SAD1024 PDF Datasheet – SAD-1024, Dual Analog Delay Line

This post describes for the Bucket-Brigade Device.

The Part Number is SAD-1024, SAD1024.

The function of this semiconductor is Dual Analog Delay Line.

The package is 16 Pin Type

The manufacturer of this part is EG&G Reticon.

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.

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SAD1024 datasheet pinout


The SAD1024 is a dual 512-stage Bucket-Brigade Device (BBD). Each 512-stage section is independent as to input, output, and clock. The sections may be used independently, may be multiplexed to give an increased effective sample rate, may be connected in series to give increased delay at a fixed sample rate, or may be operated in a differential mode for reduced even-harmonic distortion and reduced clocking noise.

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SAD1024 pdf schematic


1. Two independent 512-stage delay sections.

2. Wide signal-frequency range : 0 to more than 200kHz

3. Designed for self-cancellation of clocking modulation.

SAD1024 PDF Datasheet