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The manufacturer of this part is Sanken Electroinc.

What is Switching Regulator?

A switching regulator, also known as a switch-mode power supply, is a type of voltage regulator that uses a switching element.

Switching regulators are used in a wide range of applications, including power supplies for computers and other electronic devices, battery chargers, and DC-to-DC voltage converters for automotive and industrial systems.

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1. Scope

The present specifications shall apply to a monolithic IC type SC1S311 for Switching regulators.

2. Outline

(1) Type : Monolithic IC

(2) Structure : Plastic mold package (Transfer mold)

(3) Applications: Switching regulators

SC1S311 Image

3. Absolute maximum ratings

4. Electrical characteristics

5. Block diagram
SSC1S311 Block Diagram
6. Example application circuit

7. Package outline

8. Packing specifications

9. Cautions and warnings

Marking Information:

SC1S311 Pinout

SMD 8 Pin Package ( Drvie FET )

Application Circuits:

SC1S311 PDF datasheet

SC1S311 PDF Datasheet
SC1S311 pdf

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