SEL1010 PDF Datasheet – 5 round-type standard RED LED

Part Number: SEL1010

Function: 5 round-type standard LED

Manufacturer: Sanken


SEL1010 pdf datasheet led


SEL1010 is 5ø round-type standard LED. LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. It is a semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current passes through it. LEDs are widely used as a highly efficient and versatile source of light in various electronic devices, lighting fixtures, displays, and indicators.


1. General lighting: LED bulbs and fixtures for residential, commercial, and industrial lighting.

2. Displays: LED displays for TVs, computer monitors, smartphones, and electronic signage.

3. Indicators: LEDs as indicator lights in electronic devices and appliances.

4. Automotive lighting: LED headlights, tail lights, and interior lighting in vehicles.

5. Backlighting: LEDs for backlighting in LCD screens and keyboards.

Outline drawing :

A ø5.6±0.2 20.0min 5.0±0.5 19.0min 0.8 Cathode 7.6±0.2 (1.0) ±0.2 (P.2.54) 0.5 0.5 1.1max 0.8 Resin heap 1.5max SEL1410G sExternal dimensions: Unit: mm Tolerance: ±0.3 Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=25°C) Symbol Unit Ratings IF mA 30 IFP mA 100 VR V 3 Top °C –30 to +85 Tstg °C –30 to +100 Viewing angle 0° 30° 60° 30° 60° 60° 30° 0° 30° 60° 90° 100% 50 0 50 90° 100% 90° 100% ø5.0 50 0 50 90° 100% Viewing angle of a diffused lens Viewing angle of a non-diffused lens Type No. Display form (ø: mm)  Electro-optical characteristics (Ta=25°C) Type of lens Emitting color typ Red tinted, diffused Red tinted, non-diffused Red Un-tinted, diffused Light red tinted, diffused High Light red tinted, non-diffused intensity red Light green tinted, diffused Green Light green tinted, non-diffused Un-tinted, non-diffused Pure green Yellow tinted, diffused Yellow Yellow tinted, non-diffused Orange tinted, diffused Amber Orange tinted, non-diffused Orange tinted, diffused Orange Orange tinted, non-diffused 2.0 VF (V) IV IR Condition (µA) Condition (mcd) Condition IF VR IF max (mA) max typ (mA) (V) 0 […]


SEL1010 PDF Datasheet