103H7126 PDF – 2-Phase Stepping Motor – Sanyo

This post explains for the stepping motor.

The Part Number is 103H7126.

The function of this semiconductor is 2-phase Stepping Motor.

Manufacturer: Sanyo


103H7126 PDF motor


103H7126 is 2-phase Stepping Motor. A 2-phase stepping motor, also known as a bipolar stepper motor, is a type of electric motor commonly used in precision positioning applications, robotics, 3D printers, CNC machines, and various other devices that require accurate and controlled rotational movement. The term “2-phase” refers to the fact that the motor has two sets of windings, each driven by a separate electrical phase.

Sanyo Denki servo system products are used in a broad range of industrial applications including robots, packaging machinery, semiconductor machinery.

103H7126 datasheet motor

Stepper motors, including 2-phase stepping motors, offer precise control and positioning capabilities, making them a popular choice in applications that require controlled motion and positioning accuracy

103H7126 PDF Datasheet

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