SEL1015 PDF Datasheet – 5 Pie, Round Narrow-Directivity LED

Part Number: SEL1015, SEL1615C

Function: Narrow-directivity LED

Package: 5∅ Round Type

Manufacturer: Sanken electric

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SEL1015 is Round Narrow-directivity LED. A narrow-directivity LED, also known as a directional LED or high-brightness LED, is a type of light-emitting diode designed to emit light in a specific direction with a narrow beam angle. Unlike traditional LEDs that emit light in a wide, omni-directional pattern, narrow-directivity LEDs are engineered to focus their light output in a particular direction. This feature makes them suitable for various applications where precise illumination and control over the light distribution are necessary.

External Dimensions (Unit: mm) Directivity (Typical) ø5.6±0.2 20.0min 5.5±0.5 19.0min 0.8 Cathode 8.2±0.2 (1.0) ø5.0±0.2 0° 30° 60° 30° 60° (2.54) 0.5±0.1 0.5 1.1max 0.8 Resin heap 1.5max 90° 100% 50 0 50 90° 100% Tolerance: ±0.3 Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=25°C) Symbol IF ∆IF IFP VR Top Tstg Unit mA mA/°C mA V °C °C Rating 30 −0.45 100 3 −30 to +85 −30 to +100 Condition Above 25°C f=1kHz, tw≤100µs Electrical Optical characteristics (Ta=25°C) Part Number Forward voltage Reverse current Intensity Peak wavelength Spectrum half width VF Condition IR Condition IV Condition λP Condition ∆λ Condition Chip (V) IF (µA) VR (mcd) IF (nm) IF (nm) IF material typ max (mA) max (V) typ (mA) typ (mA) typ (mA) 1.75 2.2 10 100 3 700 20 660 10 30 10 GaAIAs Emitting color Lens color Highintensity red SEL1615C Clear 14 […]

SEL1015 PDF Datasheet

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