SFK-112DM PDF Datasheet – 12V, Miniature High Power Relay

Part Number: SFK-112DM

Function: 1 Pole, 12V, Miniature High Power Relay ( M-Form A )

Package: PCB DIP 4 Pin Type

Unit weight : approx. 22.0 g

Manufacturer: SANYOU

Images:SFK-112DM pdf relay


SFK-112DM is 12V, Miniature High Power Relay. A miniature high power relay is a compact electromechanical switching device capable of handling relatively high electrical power loads. These relays are designed to offer the benefits of a high-power handling capability while taking up minimal space, making them suitable for applications with limited available space and where higher currents or voltages need to be switched.


1. Miniature relay with high switching capability, especially suitable for Motor and compressor control.

2. Both quick connect and PCB terminal types available. […]

SFK-112DM datasheet pinout

Applications for miniature high power relays include industrial automation, automotive systems, power distribution, lighting control, home appliances, and more. They provide a reliable and space-efficient solution for handling high currents and voltages in diverse electrical and electronic systems.

SFK-112DM PDF Datasheet

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