SGL8022W Datasheet – 1 channel DC LED control touch chip

Part Number: SGL8022W, SGL8022

Function: Single-channel DC LED control touch chip

Manufacturer: SiGma Micro


SGL8022W LED control touch chip


SGL8022W is a single-channel touch chip for LED lightness regulation.

This chip can control the on-off state of LED light and regulate its lightness on a continuous range, which could be used on incandescent and halogen.

SGL8022W Pinout image SGL8022

A touch operation through TI corresponds to the output of SO, which could control lightness of LED. Four functional optionsare available, which are determined by input state of OPT1 and OPT2 before electrified:

(1)  OPT1=1, OPT2=1: regulate lightness discretely without lightness-memory.

(2)  OPT1=0, OPT2=1: regulate lightness continuously without lightness-memory.

(3)  OPT1=1, OPT2=0: regulate lightness continuously with lightness-memory.

(4)  OPT1=0, OPT2=0: regulate lightness on a three-sections mode.


Applications Circuit

SGL8022W Datasheet, Application Circuit

SGL8022W Datasheet PDF

SGL8022W pdf

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