SLC-05VDC-FD-A PDF – Songle, 5V, RELAY

This relay refers to an electromagnetic relay that operates with a control voltage of 5 volts (V) and has a single Normally Open (NO) contact configuration, also known as 1 Form A.

Part Number: SLC-05VDC-FD-A

Function: 5V, 1 form A Type, RELAY

Package: PCB Type

Manufacturer: SONGLE

Images:SLC-05VDC-FD-A pinout datasheet


SLC-05VDC-FD-A is 5V, 1 form A Type, RELAY.

1. Voltage Rating: The relay is designed to be energized with a control voltage of 5V DC. This voltage is typically supplied from a control circuit or a microcontroller.

2. Contact Configuration: The relay has a single Normally Open (NO) contact configuration, also known as 1 Form A. The NO contact is the primary contact that changes its state (from open to closed) when the relay is energized.

3. Contact Rating: The relay’s contact rating indicates the maximum current and voltage that the NO contact can handle. For example, a common rating might be 5A at 250V AC, meaning the relay can switch a maximum current of 5A and withstand a maximum voltage of 250V AC.

4. Coil: The relay coil is energized by applying a 5V DC voltage across its terminals. When the coil is energized, it creates a magnetic field that pulls the relay’s contacts, causing the NO contact to close.

MAIN Features:

1. Up to 30A switching in SPST and 20A switching in SPDT arrangements.

2. Available as an open-frame relay, with a snap-on dust cover or with an immersion cleanable, plastic sealed case. Meets UL508 spacing requirements.

SLC-05VDC-FD-A pdf relay



1. Used for power switching, Electrical Heater, ventilator, Air conditioning

2. Refrigerating, Automobile and House-hold Appliance

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