SN65LVDS315 Datasheet PDF – Camera Serializer

Part Number: SN65LVDS315

Function: Camera Parallel RGB to MIPI CSI-1 Serial Converter

Package: 4×4 mm VQFN Package

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


SN65LVDS315 datasheet



The SN65LVDS315 is a camera serializer that converts 8-bit parallel camera data into MIPI-CSI1 or SMIA CCP compliant serial signals. The device converts the parallel 8-bit data to two sub low-voltage differential signaling (SubLVDS) serial data and clock output. The parallel data is latched in with the pixel clock input DCLK on the falling clock edge. The control inputs VS and HS are used to determine line and frame synchronization.The serialized data is presented on the differential serial data output DOUT with a differential clock signal on output CLK. The frequency of CLK is 8× the DCLK input pixel clock rate.


1. MIPI CSI-1 and SMIA CCP Support
2. Connects Directly to OMAP CSI Interface
3. ESD Rating >3 kV (HBM) Camera Input Ports and >2 kV (HBM) All Other Ports
4. Pixel Clock Range 3.5–27 MHz
5. Three Operating Modes to Conserve Power
(1) Active Mode VGA Camera 30 fps: 7 mA
(2) Typical Shutdown and Standby: 0.5 μA
6. EMI


1. Camera to Host Controller
2. Mobile Phones and Smart Phones

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