SRK12ZB Datasheet PDF – 7kV, 0.4A, Rectifier, Diode

Part Number: SRK12ZB

Function: Rectifier, Diode / SRK12ZB Vrm = 7kV Io = 0.4A

Package: TO-6, TO-7, TO-9 Type

Manufacturer: Shindengen


SRK12ZB datasheet



This is High Voltage Diodes for Microwave Oven.

SRK-12ZB : Vrm = 7kV, Io = 0.4 A, Ifsm = 30A, Vf(max) = 6V, If = 0.4A, Vz = 8.5kV


Other partnumber in pdf :

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SRK12ZB Datasheet PDF Download

SRK12ZB pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: D120SC3M, D120SC4M, D180SC3M, D180SC4M, D1K20

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